Multiple languages - NOT translations


I need to find a software which will allow users from all over the world to interact in their native languages on a specific subject - let's just say it's ice cream.

I do NOT want to use Google translate or anything else that automatically translates because those translations are inevitably awkward. Instead I would like to have multiple forums on the same page where people could choose which forum they want to enter based on their language. For example, the forum titles would be something like this:

Ice cream - ask a question!

Helado - Haga una pregunta!

Gelato - Faccia uma domanda!


This way people will be able to authentically interact with people in their native language. They would also have to be able to register in their native language of course. Also, how would this affect SEO?

Lastly, I'm looking for an Add-on for some kind of advertising manager. We are a professional magazine in the food industry and will not be using google adsense. Thank you!


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I'm not sure I understand the first point.
Surely you just name the three forums as you have indicated above and allow people to post in that language?

Being able to register in multiple languages would require translations for each language to be installed.

There are several third party ad managers available in the RM: Resources

Liam W

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There are loads of unofficial translations in the resource manager, that translate main XenForo phrases.

You can create multiple forums with different names, for different languages.

There are some advertising manager addons to do what you want in the resources manager.

@Brogan, yes you understood correctly about the languages. It sounds very easy the way you stated it back to me!

I have been trying to play around with the demo but it seems that I cannot use add-ons with the demo. Is that right? I have veeeeery little IT skills and it's up to me to change over my company's forum and I can't let them down! This is already our second time to have to switch. (using forumatic now) The features all sounds good, but I'd like to try a stab at really setting them up with the add-ons. Is this possible?

Also, when we switched to Forumatic, they did not include a script to fix our old links. Would there be a way to write a script to fix our old links from this transition PLUS the previous transition? Thanks.


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Unfortunately you can't upload files to the demo so most add-ons can't be installed.
Stand-alone .xml files will work though.

There are redirection scripts for the more well-known softwares but not forumatic.
You would possibly need a custom importer too, or to go via a third party if they support forumatic import.
I can export all my data into an sql file. Can someone at XenForo help me import it?

Would it be someone at XenForo to help me embed the forum into my current website? (Rivista is our CMS)


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Unfortunately you can't do an import from an SQL file.
It must be done using an importer.

As there isn't one for forumatic, you would need to first import to vB, IPB or phpBB and then import into XenForo.