Fixed Deleting uploaded images


Deleting uploaded Images

I have done some tests and I do not know if it counts to bugs or features, but I consider it rather important
You can see my tests here:

1. save a mssg only with an image without any text is not possible

2. adding thumbnail and deleting attachment
maybe there should be some function that would remove all "[ATTACH ] 47694 [/ATTACH]" text from edited message when you remove the attached file

3. editing a post with image but only dragging image to another place without changes in text - save it and see no effect

4. See all attachments posted on all forums
maybe even from forums you have not permission to
but I am no developer and maybe it should be this way bcs I found out that threads work the same way.
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In the future, one report for bug please as these have different resolutions/responses.

1. I can't reproduce this. If you still have this issue, report it in a new bug please.

2. More of a suggestion but a reasonable one, so this is done.

3. As long as you typed, this wouldn't happen, but fixed now regardless.

4. This is as designed and permissions are taken into account.