Lack of interest Delete Duplicate Errors from log

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When things go south, errors quickly come in large numbers and fill the error log. Especially on large boards. At that point it becomes very hard to see what issues need to be addressed. If you have hundreds of duplicate errors then you will miss any other error in the log. The only solution is to address the error, delete all errors from the log and then see if there are other issues. But that only works if we find the solution to the issue that causes many errors. Until then we will likely not spot other errors.

It would be very useful if we could delete all duplicates, so that we can see all issues that we need to address. This would allow us to address problems much quicker.
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Or at least have the duplicates be inside a collapsible menu under the initial error report.

We've gotten duplicate reports ourselves, but we've personally never had an issue with it seen as they're not that many overall.