XF 1.4 Default moderating user group has no permissions?

After a new install I notice that the default Moderating user group has all permissions set to none. Am I making a wrong assumption that this would have had some default settings already set?

If not, does anyone have a list (or screen shot) of good initial starting point on permissions for the default Moderating user group?


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Even admingroup have no permission.
You have to apply them.
And a moderator is not a moderator, even if he is in this group, before you make him a moderator or admin.

Sorry is in german.
But i guess you can figure it out.

Thanks! That will help.
I did notice that I had to set everything to on for the admin group. Was just surprised that these groups did not have default starting values.


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There are no default settings for the moderating group because different forums will assign different permissions depending on their needs.

I'd suggest that you set moderating permissions in this group that you want all of your moderators to have. For any moderating permissions that you want only specific individuals to have, you can assign these to those people when they are added as moderators in the ACP.

Harpers Tate

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Do also bear in mind - when you give a permission at UserGroup level (eg to edit others' posts) then it will apply right across your entire board; it's not restricted to forums (nodes) to which the Moderator is allocated. In this respect, XF doesn't treat Moderators any differently to SuperModerators.

To so restrict extra abilities, they have to be set separately for each Moderator-Node combination, and not set at UserGroup level.