XF 1.5 New Post sidebar only shows up for moderating user group


Regular members and guests do not see the New Post sidebar. I can promote a regular member to the secondary user group moderating and refresh the page and the new post sidebar will show up. I have looked but cant find a permission to change this. I have in Options / Node & Forum List / New Posts to Display on Forum List set to 5

Im unsure if its related but I was using the sidebar Positions-addon
but I ran into problems with the sidebar when I installed xenporta2
I have since uninstalled Sidebar Positions.

I can enable xenporta2 and choose the new post widget and set it to display to all visitors but moderators are the only user group t0 see the posts.

Disabling all addons does not fix the problem. Moderators are still the only members to see the new posts. Im unsure if this is a xenporta2 problem or a permission problem. Im thinking its a permission but I've yet to find it and a search yielded nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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If moderators have the override privacy permission and members (or permissions) have blocked their profiles to others, that is why moderators can see profile posts and no-one else can.

Have a look to see if that is the case.