Default Index Redirect

Cory Booth

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I have a question or perhaps a tweak.
How hard would it be to peel the Forum listener off of index and put it on forum?
I don't have my xF in a subdirectory.
I would rather have xF in root and cut off a url step.
When trying to redirect various pages (and I invision a future install of xFArcade) the forum is tied directly to index.
For example a 301 redirect for to as posted in Jaxel's Porta mod works - until you try to click the Forum menu tab and it goes to the splash page instead of the forum since the tab is sending index.php instead of forum.php - etc...
When the v3Arcade guys get the arcade ported over, I think the score saving routine may be affected by this as well...
Can the forum calls be tied to forum.php instead of index.php?