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So a week and a half of setting up my forum :-) A few members. I have used Bob's Article Management to create a page of articles I want to use as a home page. I have reset the index page route so it says ams/ instead of forums/. So the url now leeds to the articles page first. But it is still headed as "Articles" and the Home page tab does nothing.

How do I "move" or redirect the articles page to the Home page tab. Is it just a case of renaming the tabs and moving them? Thanks.

Go to Set up - Navigation - Public Navigation. Click on top far right button that says "Sort". A new page opens. Drag the AMS heading upwards so it is above the Forum heading (but not right to the top - just above the Forum heading). Go down to the bottom and click "Save". Also in the Navigation page, go to the "Home" heading and deselect it (slider will go from blue to white).

Articles tab is now the first on the list and Home tab is gone.

To change Articles Tab to say "Home" instead of Articles:

Go to Appearance - Language & Phrases and click "Search Phrases" A page opens. Under Add-on title change "Any" to "Xenaddons Article Management System" using the drop down arrow next to the box.

Further down that page, under "Title contains" type nav. then click "Search" at the bottom of the page.

Scroll through the phrases that come up to find nav.xa_ams - and click on that phrase.

Another window opens up. In the bottom box of that window titled "Phrase Text" change the word "Articles" for the word "Home" or whatever else you want to call the tab. Then click SAVE at the bottom.

Then all done - Articles tab is called Home and is the first tab on the list. If wanting the "Home" page to be the first to open rather than the forum page go to Set up - options - basic options, scroll down and in the heading "Index Page Route" change forums/ to read ams/ and click Save.
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