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Default avatars not showing

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by daveo82, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. daveo82

    daveo82 Member

    Moved my forum to a new server on Friday, just noticed that when a new member signs up the default avatars doesn't show for them. I ran a search for broken images to find the file path, checked the data folder and the image isn't there, checked the avatar folder in the style folder and the defaults are still in there. Permissions are 755 on both the data and avatar folders.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?
  2. James

    James Well-Known Member

    data and internal_data should be CHMOD 777.
  3. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    The data directory isn't used for default avatars. They're just in the regular image path.

    Do you have a URL where we can see the issue?
  4. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

  5. daveo82

    daveo82 Member

  6. daveo82

    daveo82 Member

    Sorry you can close this thread, the thread starter is an idiot who probably should stay offline after he's had a drink. Seems it wasn't a default but an uploaded one that didn't go through due to the permissions.

    My apologies :oops:

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