XF 2.2 [Solved] Attachments Attached but not Showing Below Post


I've been searching the forums and can't find anything to help me resolve this issue, I've read about the bug that existed a while back and also went through a number of other threads to try and figure this out.

Attachments are attaching to the post, you can Edit and View the attached files but they will not show below the post, you can embed the attachments into the post as well for images at least. Here are some screenshots of what I mean:


As you can see there is a zip file attached and it will not show under the post, the image will not show either unless you embed it. I am at a loss as to what could be causing this. I should also note this was the case before applying my current addons and was also the case when using the Default template.
Well fiddlesticks.. I swear I tried this already but made a copy of the site and disabled addons one by one, ended up finding the addon that was causing the issue.. I was just freaking out for nothing! I had a lot of old addons I was afraid to touch that were from the 1.x upgrade so I wasn't sure what was causing it.. all is well now, I've updating the addon that caused the issue.
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