MG 2.2 Older media not showing


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Hi all,

I've recently upgraded from XF 1.x to 2.x and upgraded XFMG to the latest version at the same time. Unfortunately, since the upgrade I've had a few complaints that images are missing from the site, especially older images.

I have a copy of the pre-upgrade site running (with users' view permission turned off so they can't access it) and I have been able to confirm that this was working before the upgrade and I've confirmed that the files exist in the same place on both the old and upgraded sites.

An example of one of the images that are missing is:

The thumbnail shows the image but when you click through to it, it says that the file can't be found. However, I can see that the file exists

There are quite a few examples of the files being missing, some with the thumbnails still showing but others where they are not.

Any thoughts on what my next steps to figuring out what could be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated :)


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So as an update to this, XenForo support has looked into this and it appears that this has been caused due to an old plugin that was being used on XF1 but has been removed now.

I'll be having to look at figuring out whether I can figure out how to get the images back to the right location now that I've migrated to XF2 but that's my fault.