Lack of interest Debug mode based on user id


I know it's possible to do it via IP address but would it be possible to have an ACP option to turn it on for either specific user id's or names? I wasn't able to find anything after searching so hopefully this isn't a duplicate or rejected idea.

Having it by IP is useful if I'm at home, but I also spend a good amount of time on campus or at places where I wouldn't have my home IP and would like to utilize some features of debug mode.


Yea i would like that too in the core product^^.

Only with id it's AFAIK not possible, BUT the system could set a "debug cookie" and reload the page.
If the cookie is present => enable debug mode.


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Just searched this thread and I think that I really need this feature. I do not have a static IP so debug based on IP seems so complicated to me...