Online indicator based on user ID

Online indicator based on user ID

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Online indicator based on user ID - Now you see it, now you don't

Bored with the same online indicator for everyone?

Me too, which is why I came up with this.

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It's a selection of 10 different indicators which are automatically applied based on user ID.

Implementation is very simple.
It consists of one template edit and some CSS for each icon.
The CSS can be applied per style via the extra.less template.

The first step is to edit the message_macros template.

Look for this on line 10:

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where can i get the little christmas icons
and in which folder must be uploaded

i want this
for online


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I used Font Awesome icons for the guide.

If you want to use actual images, you will need to source those and upload them to a directory on the server.

Then adjust the CSS to suit.
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