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[DBTech] DragonByte Avatars 0.9.1pl1

DragonByte Avatars lets your members create a custom avatar for themselves, using clothing and body

  1. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member

    DragonByte Tech submitted a new resource:

    [DBTech] DragonByte Avatars (version 0.9.1-beta) - DragonByte Avatars lets your members create a custom avatar for themselves, using clothing and body

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  2. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member

    Do not see an XML Folder....
  3. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member

    Updated to include the XML folder :)
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  4. M@rc

    M@rc Well-Known Member

    Cool addon.
  5. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Hey are you the same dragonbyte dude who made the see user's viewing a thread addon? Can you update that addon?
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  6. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what addon you're referring to, could you link me to it, please?

  7. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

  8. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member

    Ah, well it was made by a team member who is no longer a member of the team.

    We currently have no plans to update that specific addon, though we never plan more than a month ahead of time so that's not to say it will never happen :)

  9. Brendon Meynell

    Brendon Meynell Active Member

    Thanks for the addons you have submitted.
    It's a shame that your links are added to the footer on every page even those not using the avatar stuff.
    I know that is the norm at vB but here at xF most of the time it's a footer link on the page that is using your addon.

    For this reason I won't be installing. But thank you for the work, hopefully Darkwaltz can work on bringing Credits and the Store over :)
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  10. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    A lot of addons from vBulletin install themselves in the footer. I've noticed that a lot of Xenforo addon creators do not bother us with that link and for that I'm grateful. DragonTech does make great addons though, I suggest just saving money up for their non-branding version if you want it that bad.
  11. Decado

    Decado Active Member

    If there is a simple non time-intensive way you know to easily restrict the footer to only pages displaying the avatar that won't have any negative effects on server load etc it's something we would happily consider doing =)

  12. Brendon Meynell

    Brendon Meynell Active Member

    I have spent over $500 on their modifications in the past. I was just saying that really a company doesn't deserve to have "free advertising links" on pages where their product is showing. I mean if it was shown on pages that used the mod I wouldn't care, or if they gave permission to add conditionals to make it appear only on pages that use their stuff it would be different.

    But that's like me doing a css edit in a mod and then wanting advertising on each of your pages.

    I have no issues with them going in the footer, I just dont think they deserve to be every page including ones that don't use it.
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  13. Brendon Meynell

    Brendon Meynell Active Member

    As I said I am fine you guys having the footer - truly am - no issues at all and truly deserved. However my issue is it appearing on pages that don't use your things. It appeared on my content pages, it appeared on registration pages etc.

    And that is what I was talking about I didn't mean any offence and don't want my post to be taken the wrong way. If you could add a conditional to appear on pages that use your product no issues, everyone is use to it thats how user albums work, its how blogs work etc

    Thats all I meant and until something is sorted I can't install it.

    And to 8thlegion I am paying for branding free on their first modification releases - I had branding free for vBCredits, vBShop, and many of their other items however all of them I waited until they were 100% stable.
  14. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I agree. I spent more than a $100 on their addons too back when I had vBulletin 4.
  15. Decado

    Decado Active Member

    Not sure if my post got misinterpreted but i'll clarify just to be sure: I was genuinely saying that if there's an easy way to do it that won't add load then i'll be happy to take it into consideration. Just making the point that it being on every page wasn't a set in stone decision or anything of the sort. I didn't take offence to your post at all, was glad of the feedback =) and I recognised your name from DBTech ^.^

    Cheers for starting that thread for us, hopefully someone knows an easy way to identify only the pages that display avatars :)
  16. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Just buying the non-branded version sounds better than waiting a century for someone to answer.
  17. Brendon Meynell

    Brendon Meynell Active Member

    I will end up buying the branding free (and probably 90% of other mods they release like last time) just want to check this all out first but as I said the footer thing is just a small thing that gets to me, I remember when I had all of their mods and other peoples mods on 'the other forum software' 90% of my footer was filled with copyright lines :)

    What would be good as together, with other coders help, trying to get it where if you install these two addons it says xFAvatar & xFSignature Mods by Dragonbyte Tech rather than a separate line for each as well.

    But I only speak of my own personal preference to be honest I am glad to see DBT coming to xF and really do look forward to what they bring in the future, and really do look forward to going back to support them.

    Shame I gave my account away when I moved to xF as at that time they had 'no immediate plans to mod for xF' now I miss out on my discount :( lol but in no time at all we will see that return :D Really excited to have you boys here again and look forward to what you may bring in the future.
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  18. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member


    On vB we ended up releasing a mod that combined the copyright footers of all of our mods in the way you're talking about - if our presence on xF grows to a similar point we'll no doubt do the same thing here.

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  19. Brendon Meynell

    Brendon Meynell Active Member

    Lol the vB mod must have been 'after my time' lol well that is good. I will definately purchase from you guys just have to wait for payday now as I know by purchasing from you guys, posting here, and at your boards that it shows that you guys have the support and will hopefully dedicate some resources to further mods, or converting some of your current ones over :)

    What else do we need to do? Set up a Facebook page saying: "Like this page to convince DBT to make more mods for xF!" ? lol
  20. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Well-Known Member

    It was indeed - it was something we made after a number of requests from customers. Like most things at DBT if enough people ask for it, we'll deliver ^.^

    Re: other mods getting ported - the current plan is to take a look at how these two mods do compared to their vB4 versions, then perhaps do a vB3 release to get further comparisons. From the figures we'll get an idea of what kind of ROI to expect on xF mods and we can plan accordingly from there. Basically if these mods sell well, it'll increase our focus on xF and likely interest some of the other coders at DBTech enough to look at learning it as well.

    Even if the numbers aren't where we'd need them to be, we'll take into account that xF is, by and large, a growing platform and track numbers over a longer period of time with another couple of releases to see if the projected figures from that data are more promising :). There's a bunch of little things like that, that will determine the focus from an overall company push side of things.

    That's from a business perspective anyway, obviously from a more personal perspective feeling welcome helps. Amusingly there is already at least one other random coder bashing us within a few hours of these being released - I guess we should be complimented that some people clearly fear us as competition?. My response: Competition is healthy guys! Come be friends and we'll all make each other better and give everyone more choice ^.^

    In essence, giving our stuff a fair shot, giving us honest and useful feedback on the products and buying them if you like them are the best ways to get us to turn more resources towards xF. If the other coders on the team think the transition will be made easier by helpful users and a nice community it'll make it a much more appealing proposition for them as well. One of the advantages of the DBT setup is that even if the numbers aren't necessarily there for a company-wide push, that doesn't mean one or two coders on the team finding xF attractive isn't still a viable proposition that could be done and see all of our mods eventually make it over :).

    Apologies if business talk and such is frowned upon by the way folks, just trying to give some honest insight into how decisions will be/are made at our co.

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