XF 1.4 DB Server crash

Stuart Wright

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I installed an addon and activated a sidebar widget earlier and it crashed our database servers.
Tim at Nimbus asks
Do you know if anything changed relating to the xf_bb_code_parse_cache table?
There's a delete query running on the table and it took 2 minutes to get a row count of the table - there are 18 million rows!
I don't know what to tell him.
Any ideas?
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You can actually disable that option and truncate the table.

How many days do you have it set to?

With regards to the add-on though, you would need to get support from the developer as to why it would cause that.


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30 days is the default - 18 million rows seems like an awful lot but then I suppose it depends how busy the site is.
I personally have it disabled as I didn't see much benefit but again that will vary from site to site.

Is everything now running normally?

Stuart Wright

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Have you disabled the add-on you installed just prior to the problem starting?
It was the User Cloud in the XenMods addon for Widgets Framework. So I've deleted the User Cloud widget, but there's no need to disable the addon.
Didn't expect it to perform a query so big that it would crash the db.


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Updating add-ons will effectively cause entries in that table to be invalidated (as BB code parsing rules may change).

You may actually find that it's better to not have the caching option enabled. It's a balance between more disk usage and potentially a large number of writes (particularly when invalidated) vs some amount of CPU savings.

I don't know what the query was, but there are be indexes in place that should make it fast.