XF 1.4 Database Size Question

Bit of an odd question as I'm not sure anything is wrong.

I've been taking backups for the forum for the last year and only just noticed that our database size is stable at around 550-600mb. Sometimes it is 589mb, next backup will be 560mb in size.

I would have thought that on a very busy forum, this should be going in one direction in that it gets bigger. We are aware of some threads that have disappeared for some reason but we put that down to a moderator maybe deleting them by accident.

It's a strange one, just wondering if this sounds right to people - that the database isn't really growing in size and indeed sometimes losing 10% of its volume.



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It should trend upward, but there is data that is only kept temporarily (for example, search results), so it could vary. It really depends how much new content is being created. You might need to look at a trend over weeks or months.
Cheers @Mike

Just done a bit of checking and, maybe not as bad as first thought. The forum is www.royalmarines.uk and is pretty busy and well used with a lot of content being added regularly.

04 April 2015 618mb
24 April 2015 584mb
25 May 2015 585mb
14 June 2015 595mb
06 July 2015 597mb
14 July 2015 604mb
03 August 601mb

Apart from odd tiny niggle of the odd post disappearing, which could be explained through a mod pressing the wrong button or something - there isn't really any other symptoms but just thought I'd check that something weird isn't happening.