Add-on Dashboard


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I would like to have a dashboard-page. Where all that's going on can be seen. On this page you see:
- alerts for content, likes, conversations, replies
- the newsfeed of the people you follow
- my watched content
- messages on your profile
- maybe even the output of what's new
- if friends are coming online (waindigo's add-on) or are having their birthday

And small things like
- inputbox to update my status
- direct link to start a conversation

Basically all that's important right now.

This page would refresh itself. Maybe not all at the same time, but some parts more often then others.

It would be a rather "heavy" page in queries, but it would cut down the other page-requests because all can be seen on the dashboard.

So how difficult is it to make a page that loads all that content. I think xenforo has tools for it...


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I did start to build something like this. Some can be just links that already exist, or search boxes eg search members.
But some does need real coding as in updating content. Simple portal does a bit of it.
Nice you're thinking the same way.


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I'm afraid I am not a good-enough coder to get this done. Meaning, not in the way it should be done.


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Did you end up getting an add-on for this?? I would love to make the "Home" tab into a "Dashboard" Tab

Where guests could see what is going on with the Forum. It would be like a "live" scrolling add-on.

And for members signed in. There would be the normal dashboard of all of the forum members and also a sub tab of members they follow.


Please see my mockup photo(y)