Ajax dialogs show main admin dashboard


I'm moving my Xenforo installation to a new server (Threadripper - yay!), and I'm seeing a really odd problem.
It seems like every ajax dialog - instead of showing the proper options - just loads the main admin dashboard.

A picture probably illustrates this best:

Same thing for, for instance, clearing the logs.

I am using:
- v2.2.10 Patch 1
- PHP 8.1.7
- MySql 8.0.29 (8.0.29-21)

There's a varnish installation, but for Xenforo URL's it just does a pass through. This hasn't been a problem in the old environment where we had a similar setup.

Clearly something is going wrong in the routing. Any ideas how to fix this?



Still haven't figured this out.
I tried downgrading the PHP version to 7.4.something, but that did not change a thing.

Looking at the data I'm getting back from the server, it really is just the admin homepage encoded into a json payload. Clearly the routing goes haywire for some reason.
Nobody out there who can help? Otherwise I'll have spend hours upon hours digging.


Good news! I found the problem!

Turns out it was Varnish after all. Every request was passed through, but the 'sortquery' options was active. That means the path portion of the querystring got moved to the back by other parameters that alphabetically came before. E.g.

/forum/admin.php?templates/add&style_id=2 became /forum/admin.php?style_id=2&templates/add

Et voila, there's your problem. Turns out the ajax was a red herring, but it manifested there more often because those urls tend to have more querystring parameters.

Tracy Perry

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Varnish... the bane of many (you need to be a Bobby Boucher fan to recognize the meme).