XF 1.1 Daily Statistics in XenForo 1.1


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Looks really nice , is there any plans to track SE referral and keywords etc.. ?
That would be so very useful.

Another function that I would like to see is statistics per 10 minutes over the last 24 hours of server load, users online and some other tools that help you figure out what the problem is if the server is under heavy strain.
Something handy for admins who are not tech savvy enough for SSH/Putty or Cacti.


Successfully integrated statistics in several add-ons:)
It sucks only that this also needs to be a content type (e.g. => i've included this into my invite add-on and INVITES aren't IMO a content type, but they had to be one, to be able to include them into stats)
Should try to implement this probably into XenForo_StatsHandler_User but this would be only 1 time possible because of the content type table:(

Kier/Mike, is there any way available to implement this?

class foo extends baz
class baz extends XenForo_StatsHandler_User

and this means class foo should be stored in the content type data
that's no problem for 3rd pary devs, but avarage joe can't do this manual


I love statistics reporting! Perhaps the day will come when comparative statistical analysis of individual forum members will be possible, e.g., a comprehensive posting analysis between an individual with his or her peers.