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Hey, I've been looking for a long time. I'm really new to xenforo, so this is a learning curve. I found a few threads but all the code is out-dated. Is there a thread or a tutorial that is for 1.5+ that explains how to add Custom image banners like here;

That is from a xenforo forum, which Im not saying what forum it is. I am wondering how this is possible. Thats right under their name and profil image when they posted a thread/topic.

Please help me, I cannot figure this out.

Thanks so much.



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Hey, Okay I did that. Sorry, it's still not working. I might be missing something..

I did try the userBanner Admin but that doesnt work either.
Now I know the new user is use the default ladder, not sure what else to do..
Sorry for being a hassle, I'm new to this haha.

And that imgur link is this.
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If the text after .userBanner .admin '(You can change owner to anything you want to name the css)' is in the CSS template it will break and not load.

Remove that bit.