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I have purchased a user group Xenforo banner pack and I have been trying to upload these since last night. However, I'm really struggling. I have searched Google and Xenforo but have been unable to find much of anything in regard to XF 2.2. With this being said, can someone share the basic CSS coding needed that I need to add to extra.less so that I can get the banner to appear instead of the default ones? Every time I would attempt to add it, the banner image would be bigger and appear outside of the block it should be in. When I would attempt to shrink the height and width it would remove a portion of the image.

Any help would be highly appreciated.'

This is what I've been using:
.Administrator {
background: url("images/usergroups/Administrator.png") no-repeat;
height: 34px;
width: 124px;
text-indent: -10000em;
margin-left: 2px;
display: block;

This is what I end up with:
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