XF 2.2 Can I add a link to the user group banner to a help page?


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People see the banners but maybe they want more information about them. Currently I can only style it but I cannot add a link to it.
I did that already. I got styled banners for each user group under avatars. But I want them be clickable so people can know more about it, like what it is about, how to obtain it, etc by clicking the banners that brings them to the custom help page.
Came by this thread when searching for a solution myself until I figured out you can use HTML in the "User banner text" section when you're adding/editing the user group. I used the following on mine:

<a href="https://mydomain.com/account/upgrades" rel="nofollow">Supporting member</a>

Now clicking on the banner will take members to the account upgrade page so they'll see how to become a supporter themselves.
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