Lack of interest Custom user navbar "My Navbar"


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I think the flexibility of XF is marvellous but it doesn't extend down to user level enough in terms of navigation. Admin designers can change how we access features but users cannot.

This would make a lovely add-on.

A custom navbar per user where user can select their favourite features.
To activate it click a NEW link on the main navbar. When activated this changes to an EDIT link on the new navbar. (The NEW NAVIGATION BAR also appears on the profile options.)

User then has a form page with a list of options to place on their very own navbar.

All Forums
(Selected key forums)
What's New
All Recent Messages
New Conversation
All Conversations
Adv. Search
* My Blog
* My Album
(various options)
All Alerts
Log Out
Each item on the list has a line of explanation on what it is.
A maximum number of items can be selected to fit on the navbar.
Items can be ordered left to right, and dividers placed between groups.
The colour of the navbar can be selected from a colour picker.
A small graphic of user's choice can be uploaded to place on left or right end.
Option to disable the standard secondary navbar.