Custom user fields title and description are not multilingual


Is it possible to specify a xenforo phrase for the title and the description of a custom user field? Because now, we have one value for all languages.

I tried to update the custom_filed_edit template to use the $field.title as a xenforo phrase but it is not working.

<label for="ctrl_custom_field_{$field.field_id}">{xen: phrase '{$field.title}'}:</label>

I have this error when I save the template :

The following templates contained errors and were not saved: custom_field_edit: 1) Line 3: Phrase name must be literal

I am having a bit of trouble fixing this same issue.

Can anyone go into more detail about how to do this?

I have searched the custom field title in the phrases, but it doesn't seem to exist...
Phrases for custom user fields begin with user_field_
They are then followed by the field_id you typed in, with the option type appended: user_field_favorite_pet_choice
Choices are then added to make more new phrases:

The values are in the language you typed in. You can use an add-on, or check for the language a member is using in a template, and load those custom fields only:

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The error in the first post is because the OP is using a variable with the {xen:phrase} tag. Phrases in templates must be literal, ie: {xen:phrase user_field_favorite_pet_choice_cat} and can not be a variable: {xen:phrase '{$field.title}'}

You can use (if applicable to what you want to display):
<label for="ctrl_custom_field_{$field.field_id}">{$field.title}:</label>
or use:
<label for="ctrl_custom_field_{$field.field_id}">{xen:phrase user_field_favorite_pet_choice_dog}:</label>

You can also use an add-on to load the custom user field phrase object(s), and send them to your template.
$favoritePetDog = new XenForo_Phrase('user_field_favorite_pet_choice_dog');
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Very helpful, thanks. OK, I think I got it sorted.

The multiple choice questions, are going to take some time to manually edit; you say there is an add-on to speed things up... what add-on is it?

Again, appreciate the help!
Hi, personally, I am currently not completely thrilled by the fact that static content (for example, forum) can not be adjusted via the voice control content (see screen shots). At the moment I am checking if it makes sense to display the topic titles additionally in 2 languages. It becomes bad if a 3rd or even 4th language is added, consequently everything becomes bloated and no longer readable. In short, it looks like a patchwork.

Question in the round; who of you already had a similar situation and how was this solved, or is there a very reliable translation app, so that the user can read along in his desired language?


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