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XF 1.5 Custom upper right of forum

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by AngelArs, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. AngelArs

    AngelArs Active Member

    At the very top (right) of the forum page it has your username and “Inbox” and “Alerts”.

    How do we add more characters to be displayed for the username, or move that section over to the left?
  2. wang

    wang Well-Known Member

    Can you please defy more characters to be displayed for the username?
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    This is due to the customisations you have made to your style.

    On a default style the user name appears on the right of the navigation bar.
    You appear to have moved the regular links to the right and the visitor links to the top.

    You will need to go through the changes you have made to determine what is truncating the user name.
  4. AngelArs

    AngelArs Active Member

    When we used to use vB it allowed us to enter in the amount of letters (characters) that were displayed. Since XenForo is better, I'm assuming it allows this too.

    For example; if you chose 7 characters and the word "community" was displayed, it would look like commune*** but if you chose 14 characters then the full word would be displayed.

    We just purchased this new style and Brogan is right, they moved where it is displayed so I'll contact them about this.
  5. wang

    wang Well-Known Member

    There is no such thing in xenforo itself as far as I know. I think that would need a custom add on or custom developement.
  6. AngelArs

    AngelArs Active Member

    Interesting (and surprised).

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