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Brad L

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I recently hired batpool52! for a small custom add-on and he exceeded all my expectations. He was quick to understand my needs and completed the project in just a few days. The price was also very reasonable.


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@Chris can you shed some light what happened to this guy? all his mods been deleted, and he developed couple of custom mods for me and now im kinda nervous

Chris D

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No idea. He's not visited since October so we deleted his resources in the usual housekeeping clean up we do.


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he was a hacker and pirate guy, he was very smart, i told people about him, but no on care,
i question him in another thread, i told him i didnt think he would be in xenforo forever, and he said he would be here forever,
i told him i wasn't sure if i should buy his credits add-on because he would be gone in a year,
and i was right! he is gone, i never trusted him, he even ban me from his site,

look in my posts fight with him,

i paid him 40 dollars to make me an add-on, he did a good job but then he ban me from his site because i search him on google and show him that he lie about many things,

i glad i didnt buy his credit add-on or store add-on, i would of paid for nothing,

i am here for 20 years so i look for developers who also here for 20 years, i had strange feeling about him,

i like 5 developer here, and spend all my money with them because i trust them

new xenforo has more feature, so we need less developer for add-on, it is good, i prefer give xenforo my money then add-on developers, because i know xenforo will be here for 20 more years

I am interested in someone to custom development an add on to my Xenforo. Do you have availability to discuss?




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Highly recommend @batpool52!. I asked to have data imported from an old addon to a new addon and he did it quickly and without any issues. His price was also beyond fair. I look forward to utilizing him again in the future!


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If you learn about @batpool52! because of my post, you agree to the terms of the relationship which implies your work comes after mine. Thanks.

I've worked with a lot of Freelancers from various places over the years and I've had multiple projects costing $25k-$50k+ along with the small projects.

For the type of work you'd be expecting here, @batpool52! pool has been the best in terms of accuracy and translation of concept into work. I've had all of my new projects redirected to batpool which he has completed and have several more projects already planned. If you want accurate work which is often bug-free or only requiring 1-2 revisions to catch any small oversights, then you'd choose batpool. Software that doesn't require a load of revisions to get the bugs fixed is highly representative of one's understanding of the software and the programming languages they are working with.

No, I'm not receiving anything for this review, he simply suggested it to me and I'm happy to give a good review when I can.