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Custom Services

Discussion in 'Third-Party Services & Offers' started by batpool52!, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. batpool52!

    batpool52! Well-Known Member


    I've provided my services to various people here for quite some time now. The services I provide are
    • Clean Installation / Upgrading existing installation.
    • Custom add-on development
    • Configuration of forum settings
    • Porting an existing phpBB MOD to xenForo
    Got a request or looking for something which is not listed above? Feel free to send me a PC me @
    PS. I don't ridiculously over charge for anything.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
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  2. Ernest L. Defoe

    Ernest L. Defoe Well-Known Member

    I hired @batpool52! to develop a couple of addons for me and he did an excellent job. Very reasonably priced and made a quality product for me. If you need a custom addon made for your site I would highly recommend him.
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  3. trizz

    trizz Active Member

    @batpool52! has done some work for me. Very fast turnaround, prices are excellent, and any issues are addressed in real-time and resolved to 100% satisfaction. Have truly enjoyed working with him and will be pushing some much larger dev opportunities toward him in the coming weeks.
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  4. FirstSword

    FirstSword Member

    I hired @batpool52 to provide some customizations to my Xenforo site and he was a pleasure to work with! Fast turnaround, extremely responsive and flexible and definitely reasonably priced. I'll definitely look for him again for any other related project and would recommend him for sure!
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  5. Ian S

    Ian S Active Member

    @batpool52! awesome work and 100% customer satisfaction, ill always be using him, as hes good to work with and extremely fast and reasonably priced, im so lucky i found him, his knowledge of xenforo is extremely good too, thanx nishant
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2015
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  6. blackmetal

    blackmetal New Member

    Hi Guys,
    i recently give a module to Nishant for develop he do it very well his code structure were perfect and he give us very good support regarding module and i will give my other module to him ;)
    anyway thanks Nishant your are good ,
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  7. lit

    lit Member

    I can't recommend @batpool52! enough.. I hired him a little while ago to make two add-ons for my forum. His price was unbeatable and he provides great support whenever you need it. I'll definitely be using him for all of my future development.
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  8. tosiabunio

    tosiabunio Member

    Great developer, did even more complex plugin than I originally wanted which was great. We had some bugs but managed to squash them very quickly. Highy recommended!
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  9. flowerpot132

    flowerpot132 Formerly mugtree

    First time using @batpool52! and he has been fantastic! Quick worker and quick replies to questions, and excellent prices. Helped me out loads with all my little questions, and a bug on one of the addons. Will use again!
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  10. king8084

    king8084 Active Member

    i swear this guy is awesome

    he developed a mod AND worked his ass off to fix another mod from someone else

    5 star guy
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  11. Zynektic

    Zynektic Well-Known Member

    Just to let you know, your ! is not linked within the contact URL in your first post, I am however now sending one!
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2015
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  12. THN

    THN Member

    I am always very sceptical about hiring developers online until I worked with Batpool52 on my Xenforo forum. Without a doubt, this guy is simply the best I have so far found online. Apart from being extremely knowledgeable, he communicated in real time whenever questions/issues were raised. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
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  13. imagery

    imagery Member

    I whole-heartedly agree!

    Batpool put together a custom script for me and is exactly what I needed.
    Great price, superb communication and fast turnaround. I'm very impressed.
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  14. Solidus

    Solidus Well-Known Member

    @batpool52! completed my custom addon in less than a day, and then made 3 revisions in a few hours to fix bugs and change things to how I wanted.
    The price is astonishing, I guarantee nobody here does such a quality job for such a low price. He is my go to guy for custom work now.
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  15. SoeHoe

    SoeHoe Active Member

    Hello @batpool52!

    Please let me know the progress of my request. I have send a PM to you! Thanks
  16. Optic

    Optic Well-Known Member

    I commissioned @batpool52! to customise the Showcase add-on, specifically the way it rendered image galleries via it's XFMG bridge.

    He created the initial customisation quickly (under a week) and responded very promptly to issues that arose during testing.

    Would highly recommend him for custom development.
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  17. VGWoody

    VGWoody Member

    I asked @batpool52! to modify an existing plugin for me. He quickly responded and said he could get it done no charge, then promptly had it completed in two days. I ended up donating to him just for his honesty!

    He did a great job and I would definitely recommend!
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    RAHSTYLES Active Member

    Man... This guy is the best helper in the world... I basically robbed him!!!! He spent 6 hours with me working my my upgrade and fixing the style that was messing up my site when I was too afraid to upgrade myself!!! For 6 hours of work.. He charged me $20 .. 20 dollars man.. seriously ..20 two OH thats like 3$ an hour!!! I was thinking of giving this guy a bad review so I could keep him for myself!!! This is what im talking about guys!!! Hours worth of work.. for mere few dollars!!! Now thats what I call affordable!! His like the Mayweather of coding... TBE

    Codedog Millionaire!!
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  19. Axel B

    Axel B Well-Known Member

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  20. aana

    aana Member

    I asked @batpool52! to do a board conversation, custom job for me. He is kind, helpful, awesome worker and available to respond to my questions at any time.
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