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XF 1.3 custom profile fields / how to make it into a Link ?


Well-known member

I have created a "User Profile / Custom Field" named "Website" and another field named "E-mail".
These fields are not "linked", but normal text.

How can I make these fields, so that they will appear as click-able Links ?

Many thanks!


XenForo developer
Staff member
For an email, the href value should be "mailto:{$value}".

Note that it's important that you use the email/URL value match requirement for these fields.


Well-known member
can I keep the "nofollow" for the E-mail-address, so that search-engines will not index the "E-mail-address" ?

<a href="mailto:{$value}" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">{$value}</a>

I guess I will have to skip the "target="_blank" when using it for an "E-mail address" ?

<a href="mailto:{$value}" rel="nofollow">{$value}</a>