Duplicate Remove the gender field, or make it a custom profile field.


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The gender field needs to be a custom profile field. It is offensive to many in my community, and I have resorted to template modifications in order to remove it from display. For communities that have LGBT members, the gender field is too vague. Please either remove the field, or make it a custom profile field in 1.5. If this is not doable, add an option in the ACP to remove it entirely.
xenForo is so ahead of its time with many of its features, but the requirement to have various fields such as gender on the registration page, without being able to control it, really stumps me.

On my forums, age/gender isn't an issue (and even if it was, I could show a targeted notice requesting the member to update these values once the registration process has been completed), and I like to keep the amount of data a new user has to enter to an absolute minimum.

I was hoping to avoid modifications, but I guess there's no other way?