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XF 1.3 Custom node icons, which one to use?


Active member
Hi, I want to add custom icons for each forum, what is the difference between these:


I know one is an add-on and the other is by using CSS. The one using the add-on is easier for me but I am worried when there are new updates it might mess up the add-on? So should I use the CSS one? I really don't know which one to use. Help!

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
That add-on (if it is the one I am thinking of) at one time had a problem with removing your node icons when it was uninstalled.
It's by far easier to create a custom template (call it custom_forum_nodes.css) and then input all your CSS code in there. Then in EXTRA.css just do an include of your newly created CSS template with your code.