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Xon submitted a new resource:

Custom User Fields Permissions - Set input/output permissions for Custom User Fields

Custom User Fields Permissions

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This addon allows you to set permissions for Custom User Fields:
  • Input permissions: select which usergroups can access and edit the custom field
  • Output permissions on profile pages: select which usergroups can access the custom field on profile pages
  • Output permissions in message user info: select which usergroups can access the custom field in message user info
Based off the XF1...

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Hello @Xon

I think I found a mistake.
In the custom user fields, the addon obviously works as it should.

But it also interferes with the custom thread fields and causes error messages there.
I think that should not be so that it also works in the custom thread fields ...!?


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DragonByte Tech

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I've modified this to add the functionality to thread fields too :)

It would be grand if each field had an option to bypass the permissions check if the current user is the OP, but for our needs (keeping people's forum URLs private) it works well enough when just limiting the input to staff and developers.



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Couldn't find the URL for it anywhere in the resource :D
I normally have a stanza about 'more information' being the link to github which I missed adding to the description. Fixed now :)

(XF1 XFRM would actually say 'github' on the more info link, which was quite useful)

Made the PR, I cleaned up the permissions UI as well as I didn't like the way it was laid out, and the profile page section isn't applicable to thread fields as far as I can tell so I made sure that was hidden when editing a thread field.

DragonByte Tech

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Just noticed the PR is bigger than you'd expect but I blame that on the fact that you're a Space Heretic and I'm part of the Tab Master Race 😛



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Thank you very much.
You may want to think about fields while registration, but later only for spcial usergroups


options depending on input in other fields


Are you a photographer?
Yes / No

{if photographer == yes} activate/show another field
Which camera brand you like most?
Pentax | Canon | NIkon | Sony

Maybe this is just something i can do in a template?


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IMHO the most useful permission would be custom field display permission. i.e. only display the field if the author has this permission.

Member X is in usergroup: 'PREMIUM MEMBERS' because he has bought an account upgrade.
Custom field Y has criteria to display IF usergroup is 'PREMIUM MEMBERS'
Therefore the fields displays.

Now Member X has let his account upgrade expire and no longer is in PREMIUM MEMBERS.
Therefore the field no longer displays.

With such setup we can do all kinds of funky stuff to reward premium members or let members buy account upgrades to get functionality on their profile and in threads. Or anywhere else that has custom fields.