Custom design and coding request


I would like to get a quote concerning our forum.

We want to use the peachy keen template by audentio and need some additional coding and styling.

Design Details:

We would like to have the peachy keen template (can be seen here: ) implemented on our forum - we give you access pw if you want to work on our site.

Our forum should become the number 1 community for discussing cleaning methods, cleaning agents, cleaning companies, cleaning utensils and related topics. Therefore, we are looking for a fresh design which resembles "freshness" and a clean feeling.

We really liked the peach keen forum style. We already have a logo, the competition can be found here:

We decided for the funny octopus with the cleaning utensils and soap bubbles, I can send you the png or eps file of it.

Instead of the light clouds in the background of the template, we would rather have very light soap bubbles.

Furthermore, we would like to be able to set individual forum icons for each subforum (for example for "window cleaning" with a little window image, "carpet cleaning" with a vacuum cleaner and so on. If the peachy keen template allows to solve this issue in the extra.css file, you can ignore this point.

We would like to have the entire site working in German language.

Custom Coding/Programming Details:

1. Glossary/subpages including an alphabetized overview page from A-Z

Since our forum should give a lot of relevant information about different types of cleaning agents and cleaning methods/cleaning tutorials, we need a glossary implemented into the forum site.
On the one hand we want to increasy the value of the page by offering this info, on the other hand we want to improve our SEO this way.
Perhaps you have an idea how to realize this glossary and how to link to it in the footer section.
The footer section can be just like in your template: Section1 with About Us, Section2 with quick navigation, section 3 maybe with the glossary (?), section 4 with Like Us on Facebook.

2. Landingpage
On we would like to have a starting page with a short welcome text for SEO purposes. Please check, we would like to have it exactly like that (just with the peachy keen style implemented and a button saying "go to forum").

3. Advertising subpage
We want to offer people to buy banner advertising for our forum. The link "advertisement on our page" can also be added in the forum footer under "quick navigation".

4. Advertisement box on the right
We would like to be able to add logos/images of sponsoring partners and advertisement partners in a neat box between the "members online now" box and the "forum statistics"

5. Registration/Login Window light transparent/floating

We would like to have a login window with a welcome text like on .
The little window moves as you scroll up and down.
After you click "register" (just exactly like on you get to the page with the terms and conditions, which have to be accepted first in order to proceed with the registration process.

If you click "login" you get to the login page directly.
Can you implement this solution for us as well?

That way, the big orange login button of the template can be removed and the space can be used for advertisement space.

Who can help us? Let us know how much you would charge for this work.

Kind regards,

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