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In most cases you should be able to merge them.
If the system doesn't permit it, make a copy of your current templates and save them to your PC, revert the outdated templates, then add your customisations back.
You can use a program like Notepad++ to compare two files.

I would highly recommend dealing with any outdated templates as there may be other issues which aren't immediately evident.

Going forward, it won't be possible to provide support until you do so.
I did what you have said, but it still doesn't allow me to merge changes. As a result I asked for Mike's help. Thanks for suggestion! (y)
Hello all, hoping this portal addon fits my needs and I only have one simple requirement.

That threads can be automatically promoted to featured articles when they are posted or edited to include a specific prefix.
Is this possible?
Thanks for the quick reply!

Obviously interested in the home page replacement and just yesterday migrated away from the aging vBulletin 3, where I just use to add that prefix and voila it was news.

Open to changing how that works as there doesn't seem to be a similar feature anywhere.

How easy is it to take a new or existing thread and make it appear as a featured article? I assume no expiration can be set to appear on 2,3,4th etc pages.


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I will be releasing a small maintenance update tomorrow (2.13.1) which fixes a few bugs.

However, I will no longer be emailing releases as the distribution list is too large.
In future, all releases will be posted here: http://support.cliptheapex.com/forums/releases/

If you haven''t already done so, please register, preferably with the same email address which is used for updates.
If you use a different email to register with, let me know via conversation so I can tie up the account and manually promote it to licensed status.

Please allow some time after registering for your account to be licensed as it is done manually.


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Brogan updated CTA Featured Threads & Portal with a new update entry:

2.13.1 Bug hunt

This is a very minor release which resolves a few bugs.
The only other change is the slider and featured thread block have been moved above the sub forum node list in the the forum view.

New Features, Functionality & Changes
  • Changed position of slider and block in forum view to above the sub forums node list

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug with incorrect name for template hook for cta_featuredthreads_featured_custom_middle template
  • Fixed bugs with slider...

Read the rest of this update entry...

For those of you wondering where the update is, see this post: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/cta-featured-threads-portal-paid.64261/page-181#post-878300


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That's because you weren't added to the licensed user group.

You are now.

It is done manually so you need to allow a little time between registering and being granted access.


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That's why I made the post yesterday, in the hope that people would register in advance of the release ;)


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That's why I made the post yesterday, in the hope that people would register in advance of the release ;)
You do have high hopes of people. You'll be getting these sort of posts for months to come. ;)

The right decision though to send out this way (or maybe with Xen Product Manager in the future?) :D


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I was planning to use XPM starting this year...until the ridiculous change in the digital services and VAT, etc.

Now I'm forced to do it all manually.


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Hey Brogan, error updating to latest version.

I'll tag @Waindigo @******* and @Daniel Hood since their plugins appear here too.