CSS, HTML, JS gzip compression options ?


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Could someone clarify how xenforo handles compression for CSS, HTML and JS files and content ? I read that xenforo handles CSS and HTML compression via PHP gzip and JS is left to Apache by default ? Is this still true now with v1.0.1 ?

I ask as I can't find anywhere in admincp to turn off gzip like you can with vB admincp when you have server end already configured to handle css, html and js static file compression through Apache, nginx or litespeed web servers.


Jeremy P

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Since CSS and HTML are ran through PHP, while JS is not, I am guessing it's all the same with v1.0.1.

Supposedly the option was left out intentionally, and the internal system is automatically disabled when the server is compressing the files.


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Thanks guys... just wondering if xenforo's gzip check works okay with alternative web servers other than apache ? i.e. nginx, lighttpd and litespeed web server as I use these rather than Apache.