XF 1.5 CSS going missing.


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We use the same template on all our forums however a new forum we're developing has very strange behaviour and we can't work out why.

@Slavik helped to setup the forum but we still don't know the issue.

Basically all of a sudden the CSS will just go missing and the page will be a mess.

Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 13.33.53.png


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Without a link to the forum it is impossible to diagnose the root of a problem from an image so for your benefit it might be helpful to add that in with your request for help.

However that said...I have seen this happen as a result of outside cache issues.


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The forum is still in dev mode so is locked however happy to give to someone who can solve and pay for their time.

The forum is hosted on the same server as all my forums so what should I be looking into please?


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Just out of curiosity - I know the site is still in development and on your own server, but are you using a CDN at this stage (or at all)?