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Add-on Crowd-funding proposal - Joomla bridge plugin

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Discussions' started by marremp2, May 11, 2015.

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  1. marremp2

    marremp2 Active Member


    We are currently migrating from Vbulletin to Xenforo 1.4.4,

    (By the way thank you guys for the fantastic job you made with Xenforo, which is on our point of view the best opensource community platform (y)).

    and as we are using Joomla (2.5 currently but upgrading to 3.4) for articles and e-commerce features, we need to rebuild our bridge with Joomla.

    After having tried (but with no success) to use the JFusion plugin developed by Coop, we decided to redevelop the plugin for Joomla 3 / JFusion 2.0.

    We would like here to propose all users who may need this bridge to share the cost for this development. It is not for commercial purpose. Our financial means are very limited and we only try here to face this cost.

    We have an offer at 800€ from a reliable and experienced developer. We have been working with him for a very long time and are totally confident.

    The plugin will include :
    • dual login between both platforms
    • user accounts synchronization from both sides (possible register on either Joomla or Xenforo).
    The plugin will not include any specific further integration features (commenting system, widgets, etc...) that will have to be developed by each user afterwards according to his specific needs.

    Supported versions are Joomla 3.4 and Xenforo 1.4.4.
    Delivery will occur very soon (end of May).

    Seeing the numerous posts dealing with Joomla bridge issues, I hope we may be at least 8 or 10 to share this cost.
    At this stage, we already discussed it wih @thumped, who is interested but of course waiting to see how many we can be and what would be the final cost :)

    Please answer this thread QUICKLY if you are interested :)

  2. thumped

    thumped Well-Known Member

    Obviously the more people get on board the better...
  3. Brett Chitty

    Brett Chitty Member

    I'm currently in the research phase of seeing what level of forum 'brilliance' I'm looking for in a joomla environment. I know XF is at the top, but it may be overkill for our requirements. As soon as I know more, then I will write back here.
  4. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    @marremp2 - post a link to this thread in all the Joomla / jfusion threads.
  5. Heffalump

    Heffalump Member

    I am interested and need this bridge.
  6. marremp2

    marremp2 Active Member

  7. Kintaro

    Kintaro Well-Known Member

    Even if you don't need it I think you are going to get more people interested with a synced to thread commenting system to articles.
    But I know the this could bring complexity.
  8. popr

    popr Active Member

    Interested. I would want users to be able to create accounts with xenforo or both xenforo and joomla.
  9. marremp2

    marremp2 Active Member

    @popr Thank you for joining us (y) We already included this feature (account creation in Xenforo or both) in the plugin specs as we have the same need.

    @Kintaro Indeed, this function will obviously interest a lot of people, the problem is that it will highly increase the cost and the development may not suit the need of users who use specific commenting plugins or content extensions like K2.
  10. goyo

    goyo Member

    I would definitely chip in if it was'nt for a JFusion plugin.
    JFusion was always (and sorry from the developers, I'm speaking from long experience) crappy, complicated and SLOW peace of software compared to all the rest of the Joomla bridges (for example BBpixel's Joomla bridges which speeds excels all the rest...or even the aMember Joomla/Xenforo bridge). I'm not seeing that JFusion 3 will change direction in this matter...

    Sorry, big Yes for standalone well developed bridge, big no to a JFusion plugin.
  11. Kintaro

    Kintaro Well-Known Member

    A lot of people = more customers to cover up dev costs

    Crowd funding have stretch goals, You could set it as one of them.

    IMHO There's no need to support plugin like K2 from the beginning. It can be done after... or set another stretch goal. ;-)
  12. Heffalump

    Heffalump Member

    Hello Marina,

    are there any news about the development of the joomla bridge?
    I canceled my own search for a developer and all my hope is on this development to upgrade to Joomla 3.
  13. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Well-Known Member

    @marremp2 have you considered using @Bob 's upcoming Article Management System for your articles?
  14. marremp2

    marremp2 Active Member


    Hello Michael

    Sorry for these late news ! I was actually waiting for final results to share here and of course the development takes more time than I was expecting...

    The current status is :
    > the plugin for jfusion is under development
    > the dual login part is already operationnal on joomla 3 / xenforo 1.4
    > the developper is now finalizing the synchronization part (users creation on both parts, e-mail updating, user status updating).

    I am really chasing him as I am waiting for this bridge to migrate from vbulletin to xenforo (and I can't wait anymore !!)

    I will share now progress made as work proceeds.
  15. marremp2

    marremp2 Active Member


    Actually I agree with you about BBPixel. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped their activity.
    Concerning Jfusion, the developper told me that they made big efforts to simplify their soft and make it more efficient.
    You still may have a look when it will be done and make your mind ?
    goyo likes this.
  16. Heffalump

    Heffalump Member

    At the moment my sites are working with the jfusion-plugin and I do not have any problems with this.
    If the jfusion bridge for Joomla 3.x works in the same way there should be no reason to develope a stand alone bridge.
  17. goyo

    goyo Member

    Could you tell me/us that how many concurrent members are we talk about in case of your sites?

    My main problem with JFusion is the overhead that it ads (at least) quadrupling the server/cpu load that practically killed my dedicated servers (in my case the test beds were medium sites with 400.000+ and 200.000+ users with around 1000 concurrent users at peak times). The mentioned standalone bridges only (at best) doubled the server loads at peak...
  18. goyo

    goyo Member

    Dear @marremp2
    I will definitely chip in if the outcome is better than expected by me.
  19. Heffalump

    Heffalump Member


    I cannot say how the bridge works with so many users. I have 30.000 users and there were maximum 400 concurrent users at peak times.
    goyo likes this.
  20. popr

    popr Active Member

    So what exact setup/software are you using? Everything I've seen in the past was extremely outdated with many posts it was not working.
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