*Crosses Fingers*


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Good news abound?

Good news abound!?

Someone say.... GOOD NEWS!?


EDIT: Awe! Kier logged off. :(

Pope Viper

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He's like a ninja in the night.

Open the gates, let the customers buy at will. I hope there was no stipulation on putting a moratorium on sales for X amount of time.

But I doubt that would be agreed to.

But I'll offer my elation that it's over, and continue to show support for this amazing software and the developers.

You guys showed true mettle in going through this thing, dealing with the uncertainty, and the incredible impact to your professional and personal lives.

You're to be commended.

Digital Doctor

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And that's a wrap.

Jake said:
This latest document is not the settlement agreement. We do not yet know the terms of the settlement. For all we know the settlement could have included costs and damages. We are still waiting for more documents or an official announcement. There is no real information in this latest document. We already knew the case would be dismissed following execution of the settlement agreement which has not been made public (yet?).

More waiting is required.


OK I suck.