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I am doing some testing with uploading an image via my phone. I hop over to my desktop so I can rotate and crop the image. Rotates fine. When I go to crop, I line up my boundaries, and hit crop, it asks me if I am sure and that it can't be undone. Then it crops.

Only problem is, it didn't crop the image to the boundaries I set with the crop window. I had this image set to crop around the 3 CDs, and I ended up with this (twice now):


I didn't see anyone else having this issue when searching. Any help appreciated!
Can you upload the original image here and let me know when you have - I would like to give it a go.
Ok, so after spending some time looking at this, although I can concur the image you uploaded here is not working as expected, I cannot actually reproduce the exact situation. Meaning that I can upload pictures taken with my iPhone 6 Plus and they work fine. That said, I have noticed another bug which is sort of unrelated, but I don't think it's totally relevant here.

Can you upload to your FTP or similar the file exactly as it was on your phone - I'm specifically trying to avoid it going through any of our upload systems which may automatically resize or rotate an image; I think I understand what's going on, but I'm trying to pinpoint what caused it.
Rotates fine.
OK. The bug I identified earlier is exactly related to this, and is therefore the cause for this entire problem.

When rotating (or flipping, or cropping) an image we weren't updating the stored width and height for the image, and it's these dimensions which form the basis of a calculation used by the tagging/croping system so that the boundaries you draw on the scaled image - larger images are resized in the browser using CSS - upscale to the correct boundaries on the original image. Simply, if the width and height is wrong, you will end up cropping the wrong part of the image.

This has been addressed in XFMG 1.1.3 and we will roll out the changes here shortly to do some more testing.
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