Critique this logo for my website


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Please let me know what you think about this logo. It still needs some work. I am also not very sure about the color of the word "Loot," any suggestions? Also this is a somewhat a rough draft. The word "minecraft" is 100% redrawn and redone, but made to look the same. "Loot" is suppose to follow in this patteren. But I'm not sure about the color though.

(please view image in a new tab and maximize it)



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The logo itself looks awesome but yeah the green color looks a little sickly.. Maybe try and make a goldish color like the silver used in the minecraft?

Adam Howard

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I like it as is, but would be interested to see how it would look like in gold... Not just coloring, but think gold bricks. Be creative


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Thank you for the reviews. I agree the color of the word loot is horrendous. I am going to get changed.

Thanks, I appreciate it!