Do suggest about server configuration for my website


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I think its time to do server upgrade but i am not sure about it.
My website has traffic of around 2k unique visitors a day as per google analytics report - i do not know much about it and set it up in option of search engine optimization.

I see my website Alexa rank which is around 180K - i too do not understand how it was calculated or does it measures the traffic really.

In my server status i see, its consuming complete ram. CPU load on server is 0.1 to 1.1

My current configuration is unmanaged VPS with following specs

Storage 30 GB SSD
Ram - 2 GB
CPU - 1
Bandwidth - 750 GB - Wont get consumed a lot

I do not have much idea about its details.

I am assuming in few months or in say 10 months time, Alexa rank might go below 100K.

Is my current setup is OK or do i need to upgrade it, if need to upgrade, what specs i should look for.

So far there are no errors or exhausted resource usage.

Thank You
Alexa rankings are useless.

If you're regularly seeing a 1.1 load on a 1 CPU VPS under normal traffic, that isn't ideal, and you're getting to the point of needing more CPU. Of course, if it only does that during backups or some resource-intensive ops, you're fine.

Unlike Windows, linux uses all the RAM, so it's perfectly normal to see all the RAM in use. That's just how linux works. If you go to SSH and run free -m it should show you how much RAM you are actually using.
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