CrazyEngineers Got T-Shirts!


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We were planning to launch our own official t-shirt for long and finally we got what we wanted. We've began selling the t-shirts to all our community members and the response so far has been phenomenal! Here's how it looks like -


Right now we're only offering these t-shirts to our members from India; but have already began receiving interest from US, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. :)

Feels awesome to see people around the world proudly wearing the brand.


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Update: We've got hoodies too! :)


We accepted pre-orders for the hoodies and the benchmark for minimum number of orders was crossed within 3 days (y).


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Interested in where you're sourcing them from, and is your supplier doing drop shipping direct?
We operate out of India and the apparel is sourced from a placed called 'Tirupur'. Yes, they do drop shipping direct to us.

The hoodies are being ordered only in the numbers of the pre-orders (we won't stock). The tees were stocked by us and offered through our online store.


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a QR code in the back with the link to the site will be useful to catch new users
others can scan the code with their smartphones..:sneaky:


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We're located in India. Almost 90% of India's apparel is made at a place in south India called "Tirupur'; that's where we get our t-shirts from.

The t-shirt quality is actually amazing. Not a single bad review or return yet. The special part is the way logo's been printed on the tee - which is a special plastic that doesn't come off easily.