XF 2.2 Crash during Upgrade to 2.28


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I have been trying to Upgrade to the Latest version of XF 2.28
I am doing this through the ACP (which has always worked for me before

It goes through the upgrade proceedue but then half way through it crashes with a Fatal Error

I Retsored my system via my webhost.

But of course I stil need to install the upgrade

The error message was quite long, I printed it, but I shoud lhave copied it to a text file

Basically is say there are too many files open in my fourm community/src/vendor composer class loader php 571

I do have a few add-ons and I supsect one of them

Is is possible to disable all or most of my add-ons and then re-enable them (I am worried that I might lose some settings or data)

Any suggestions?
Its usually a hosting limitation. The extraction of the archive file Xenforo retrieves is using up the files open limitation of your host.

You can get around it by manually uploading the files and then pointing your browser to the install/ directory to upgrade.
Thanks for that.
What is that archive file you speak of.
My forum is getting quite big now
I checked with my web host and they said I have a ulimit-n of 16384 which to me sounds like a lot.

I may try that method you suggest, but I suppose that will happen every time there is a new upgrade
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