XF 2.2 Copy pictures from web1 to web2


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In web forum one i have pictures in /data/item-icons/{dir}/{item-id}.extension
like /data/item-icons/0/12.jpg

I also have a list like
from this list i do know that I need this picture 12.jpg in my forum two as

Normally i would copy all pictures from web one to web two,
then copy the pictures from /temp/ to destination.

But this means to have these pictures 3 times on the server for form one, forum two and temp

Is there a way to copy from web one to web two? Probably not with php?

Or with php by url?
Are the 2 sites on the same server?
If yes, have you tried adding a . at the front of the path to navigate between folders?
I have not tried at all, I just want to ask if this is possible.
A long time ago it was not possible to do something in a dir that is not under the web


If this is not changed, i cant use


to fetch data from /web2/

But maybe I can fetch it by url.
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