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Copy/Paste Tables.

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by racersimage, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. racersimage

    racersimage Active Member

    Looking for an easy way to copy/paste tables (spreadsheets). I'm currently using an add-on from B* that appears to be down right now and was banned by Xenforo. Not interested in having to enter a bunch of code to achieve the same thing I can now by copy/pasting. If that developer can do it, I know someone here can because most of their addons have now been duplicated here by other coders.

    You can see what I'm taking about at http://diecastcrazy.com. Just use any reply box and copy a table from Excel or OpenOffice and paste into the text box. It's like magic and my members will miss the auto table formatting if I ever lose access to the B* addon.

    I'm sure that other people here will be interested in this as well because another table addon is quite popular but requires using table codes, not nearly as easy as copying and pasting.

    Example topics I'm using this addon in:

    RaceWeek THUNDER 15' - Current Standings
    2015 "Pick One" Standings
    Sprint Cup Race Thread - Sonoma
    XFINITY Series Race Thread - Chicago

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  2. cclaerhout

    cclaerhout Well-Known Member

    If your purpose is just to copy a table (source: excel) to the editor, try this TinyMCE integration (source). It will deal with the basic table layout, but will ignore if the cell content is in bold, if it is centered, etc.

    Demo (just copy/paste without any editing):
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  3. racersimage

    racersimage Active Member

    Ok, I'll give that a try! That's all that I'm looking for, doesn't have to copy the font formatting, just as long as it keeps the table intact. Thanks!!

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