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converting to xf from ipb 4


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is there presently a way to do this? I am running the latest build and I am looking to convert it to xf briefly.
There is not a converter for Ipb 4x yet. But what you can try, is to convert to another forum that has an Ipb 4 converter and then convert to xenforo.


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MyBB has an importer for 4.x, but it is not for the latest build. Xenforo could consider building one, if they have a database for it, so it could be included in a future 1.5.x release. If you want, you can contact @Chris D and include your DB for IPB 4.x, so that could help them make an importer that might help others in your situation.


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Hopefully that means ipb 4.x can have aN importer in the near future either for 2.0 or in a later 1.5.x release.
Yes, I sent them my database and files as I also want to switch as fast as possible... IBP4 is just missing too many features, has a lot of bugs and the editor is too slow to be used on low-power devices :(

Here's hoping for a converter :)
Yeah... I'd like to throw in my own request for a converter here. I am not thrilled at all with the direction IPB is taking with 4.1 and would prefer to move one of my largest communities over to XenForo.


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Of course, if they have as many db's as possible, then we could see an importer in a future version, but the focus is on v2.0. Though, I could totally see IPB 4.x importer in a future 1.5 release.