XF 1.5 Converting to HTTPS / SSL - What to look for ?


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Hi All,

My server guys agreed to enable AutoSSL for my HTTP website (running XenForo forum).

So what are all the things to look for before/after enabling HTTPS ?

1) Please let me know if any guide available.

2) Any settings to be changed ? or any things I need to consider ?

3) In my old posts, if I displayed images from a HTTP URL OF MY WEBSITE, what will happen to those images ? They give any error ? Do I need to modify all image paths ?

Thank You !
You need to change the javascript and css urls if you have them custom in config.php.

Redirect from http to https in .htaccess.

Go through your style settings and make sure any urls starting with http:// are changed to https://

Turn on the image proxy, otherwise users will get warnings when browsing threads which embed unsecured outside images.
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