Converting phpbb3 to XF


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I'm currently a site staff at a forum and we are looking to expand our website, as our main page is just beginning to take off. I feel that in order to grow, we need to move on from PHPBB3 to something else that just has a more polished and professional look, as well as faster functioning and a more streamlined experience, which I believe makes it more accessible to new users. I think that XF would be a fantastic fit for us as we grow, and I'm planning on buying a license soon. My main question is about importation. When I import the forums to convert from phpbb to XF, will the template remain intact, or would I have to redo it? This is how our forum looks right now:

If we were to use the converter tool while migrating within XF, will the icons, skin, etc. remain intact? And if not how much extra work is that?

Thanks for answering in advance. I am really a huge fan of XF and hope to use this awesome software in the future.


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Yes, you can try to replicate your style in the admin demo.

You won't of course be able to upload any images so you will have to host them elsewhere.