Converter for vBulletin 5?

Wow, there's a name I haven't seen for a while. *wave*

I think this is probably the first request. I haven't ever looked at it so I have no idea what would be involved. There are vB 4 importers available, so I'm not sure if that would potentially work (or restoring to a back up with it?).
Hey Mike, how are you doing? Yeah I been very busy lately, have 3 little ones now keeping me very busy! I didn't even know about XenForo until my users were complaining about all of the vb 5 buggy ness that they have had to deal with, and here I am looking for an alternative.

I am probably the only vb 4 customer that actually has paid for and upgraded, most others (whom are smarter than I) are still on 3.x and 4.x versions.

Unfortunately the database design is pretty radically different, so I think my only options are to convert an old backup if I even still have one, wait for one, or try and figure out how to hack a solution myself.

I have to say, the forums here are impressive, especially for a 1.x release!
Personally I'd say that you'd be better off just importing your pre-vB5 database. Who knows what changes vB5 did to your database, plus it'd be much less of a headache.
phpBB will likely have a converter (soon). They're kind of fast when it comes to such things & usually have the most converters out there.

I'd keep an eye on them for one. They're free and open source.

vBulletin 5 < phpBB < XenForo
I'm frankly not certain too many vB5 converters will pop up. Reasoning being the extremely poor reception of vB5, and thus limited interest for the product, meaning that converters would draw limited interest as well.

I'm deeply sorry to hear the OP actually bought vB5. If nobody comes out with a convertor, I have a SQL Server converter for some SQL-based forum software to XenForo that might be possible to change for vB5. If you do not mind that your users will probably have to reset their passwords, and if the amount of permissions you have is very limited (my solution did not take permissions into account), it might be possible to adjust the solution to get the important stuff (users/forums/threads/posts) across.

You'd loose data, but then again, you already did that when converting to vB5.
Chris, can you use a pre-vb5 backup to migrate over?
You'll lose some posts but its better than nothing.

Yes, just checked and I do still have this (normally would have gotten rid of a backup like this long ago). It's from November, so I would have to check with my community to see what they think. I think they would probably want to move away from vb connect even if it means losing some posts.
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