Duplicate Conversation Participants removal


For example, I start a conversation and I invite 10 people. Two people become hostile at each other which I had no idea was going to happen. I need to be able to remove them and their conversations from the list of participants. I know they can "leave" using their profile, but in some cases, I need to be able to step in and remove them from the conversations as well as the post they made.
When I go to EDIT, I can
  • Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others
  • Lock conversation
It would be a super nice feature, to be able to extend this dialog box to include
  • Remove anyone in the conversation list. (this box would have a list of participants of which I can check to have them removed along with the conversation post they made.
As a side note, I have studied my database of all the xf_conversation_ (message, master, recipient, user) and I can not find a way to do this manually)

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