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Thread Participants Ranks - or name it whatever you like

This add-on can be used for multi-propose. (Study case / Topic Research / Academic search / tournament managing / team leading/ etc...)

Rank Display location: before message, On all posted posts of ranked members in the thread.

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sorry "Chris D" for screenshotting you 😅

i.e.: A forum that includes research threads. Each thread has a different research topic. Every thread has a different members participants positions/ranks/roles involved in that thread:
Alice; Rank: Lecturer. (OP / Thread starter)
Bob; Rank: Assistant Lecturer.
John; Associate Professor.
Other members posted in this research thread; Rank: N/A

Another i.e.: Tournament managing thread
John; Rank: Tournament Manager. (OP / Thread starter)
Bob; Rank: Manager assistant & Tournament monitor.
Alice; Rank: Tournament Referee.
Joined members: Player
Other members posted in the thread; Rank: N/A

How to assign thread participants ranks?

OP / Thread starter: Simply by navigating to thread >> "More options" >> thread participants ranks -
  1. Overlay window pop-up to create new ranks (ranks creation limits via ACP permissions)
  2. Add rank title + rank color
  3. Add user to rank.

[Thread participants ranks]:
  • can create ranks
  • can add/remove user to ranks
  • ranks limits per thread

[Moderator thread participants ranks]:
  • can create ranks to any thread
  • can add/remove user to ranks any thread
  • can lock/unlock ranks creation & add/remove user to ranks

Add-on options:
  • applicable forums.

Suggestions are welcomed

Question, Will this add-on increase page quires?

P.S: I am ready to support and fund this add-on developing financially, PM me for more info.
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