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Add-on Connecting to multiple facebook pages

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
Kind of short on time today, so I didn't have a chance to search to see if this was already available or possible.

Our club (aquarium reefkeeping) is a statewide club (and bleeds into adjoining states) has an associated facebook page but what we're finding (as many know) is that there are multiple facebook pages for all kinds of local groups. We would like to find a way to associate or integrate these groups in a way such that someone can easily share a post on a local/regional group or page.

We have 5 major cities/regions that are "official" regions of the club and have found many other FB groups not associated with the club, but active. So if each of these has a FB page to give the club another avenue to bring in new members, it would be nice to be able to tie these to the forum somehow. We will be transitioning to XF soon (license owned) so hopefully that will bring more people to the forum as the current one is not user friendly. But people are going to be mot active in the format that they are mot comfortable with, be that the forum or FB, we can't get away from it so we must embrace it.

I'm thinking of something like this - the "share" link would be a drop-down that would allow someone to choose which FB group/page they want to share the post with, or multiple groups. Some of these are closed groups so the person sharing would have to be a member of course, so that may not work.

Is this possible?

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
I don't see why it's not, you can copy/paste a link out of the bar into facebook and as long as you are logged in it will share it just fine. All I want is a drop-down to select which pages to post it on, maybe you just have to do it the hard way, one at a time. Still would be nice to have a drop-down to select which FB group/page you want to share the link with


Active member
What I have been doing in sorta a round about way is I setup a blogger page which does send RSS well and will allow FB posting I make the article on my page , its automatically picked up on the XF RSS and then I hit the FB button and it posts to my FB. I do use two websites for my XF site one has XF on it the other is a website ( different domain ) and its just the blogger but worked. I know it not exactly what we are talking about but seems poking around we find work around.

XF is a great software, but still does not do what some free ones do but thats the way it going to be , I often find myself wanting to revert back to the others I have used. But the shear power built into XF keeps me around an patient.

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
Still looking to try to do this.

Our club has about 5 regions and a few of them are members of the forum but are never on it because they just stick to the FB page. I'm looking for a way to break this cycle and get people to the forum.

All I need is something like a link that would be at the top of a thread that I can click and then it takes me to FB with a new post and that thread link, from there I can select the group to post it to. This seems pretty simple, maybe I'm not searching hard enough but I have basically 4 jobs (only one pays) and I just don't have the time to track this down so if anyone has any insight or a guide that would be great.

Ideally I would like a one-click solution that lets me select the page or pages that I want to post to, so if I have 5 groups and I want to post to 3 of them I would select those 3, add my text for the post, and click go and it would post that to all 3 groups in one shot. But I'm not sure this is possible, for sure not by default, but I haven't found an addon that does this.